Through well thought-out equipment upgrade and investment, as well as a sharp focus on the highest level of customer service, FIMS Manufacturing continues to thrive and grow as a third generation machine shop.

FIMS is a world leader in machining and machine solutions. With almost 50 years of experience and dedicated employees your next project will be our best.


Mike Facchini is the current President and one of the owners of FIMS. The company was started in 1962 by his grandfather and father and like most shops, had humble beginnings with a few key machines in a small area. In order to build the business, long hours were the standard, and Mike recalls both men frequently staying overnight to keep the machines running, and his grandmother delivering food to the shop to keep the men going. The origin of the shop’s name tells the whole story — F (Facchini, the family name) I (Irma, Mike’s grandmother) M (Mario, Mike’s grandfather) S (Sergio, Mike’s father). FIMS was, in every sense, a family business. And though Mike’s grandfather passed away in 2007, he continued to spend time at the shop until he was 87 years old.

Mike began working for FIMS when he was 16 years old in a work/study high school program. He stayed until he was 21, opting instead to attend automotive repair school, where he graduated with honors. He was quickly employed and successful in that field, but soon sensed that his father needed him back in the shop because of the extreme workload, and after a discussion with his mother, Mike returned to ‘the family business.’

Mike and his father worked together successfully for many years. Sergio was generally in the front office dealing with the customers, while Mike spent his time on the shop floor as an operator/purchaser/supervisor. In 2006, Sergio made the decision to walk away from the business, leaving Mike to run the company. He was ready for retirement and told Mike “As long as I am here, you will always have a blockade for your ideas and plans for FIMS. I may not agree with what you want to do, or the risks you may want to take. Rather than stand in your way, it is best for both of us that I walk away.”

Equipment Investment

Investment in the future of a company and an industry is the only way to continue growth. FIMS has been able to stay one step ahead of the competition — both technologically and with a minimum of turn-around time — in order to get the jobs and remain profitable. Through well thought out equipment upgrade and investment as well as a sharp focus on the highest level of customer service, FIMS continues to thrive and grow as a third generation machine shop.