AM General’s Finest made their way out to Oakdale NJ to celebrate FIMS MFG 2nd Annual H1 and Car show. With over 20 h1’s on site and great weather it was a wonderful day to relax and enjoy barbecue food with the crew at FIMS MFG, friends and family.

The Facchini Family was in full attendance and the FIMS crew was busy off-roading and relaxing while enjoying fine barbecue. 

Travis from Rubber Duck showed us all the new RD Intercooler kit, and Mike displayed his new CSSR seats fresh from R&D… Greenie mesmerized and confused us with his knowledge about the h1 fuel system as we tried to follow the intricate “back to the future” design process. His truck is fast and he holds the record for international H1 crossings. Oakdale police even stopped by and Robbie gave some quick rides in his RAZR to guests that wanted to live on the edge. Thor even managed to replace the “Doctors” front calipers in a record 15min… Dan impressed us with his brand new factory yellow H1…if you want to see what an H1 looked like right off the assembly line check it out…. John brought both of his H1’s and Ian drove up without his H1 as it is under repair… what dedication !!!

It was great to relax and enjoy the weather with such a great group of Car enthusiasts… For those of you that missed it, be sure to come next year and enjoy the pics and video.